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Jakendra Monique

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Jakendra Monique

Runway Model- Fashion Model


If the dictionary was to add pictures with the words, beauty, goddess, sexiness, it would be Jakendra Monique. I have rarely seen beauty so unique. Her voice sounds amazing. I don’t know if she knows how to sing, but whatever she sings ,I will buy. 

Jakendra is from Houston, Texas and she’s not affected by age. She has dreams of being a Model. Dear Jakendra, You don’t have to dream no more. That day is coming any second. I see you in the Videos that every guy want to wife. I see you as the next Halle Berry x 3. We want to see more of you. We want to know What is that personality like? What is your favorite city? 

This is part one. The next part we will ask Jakendra some Q&As and hope to get some answers. Hopefully over some wine and appetizers and red carpet.  

Personal Details

AGE: 24      ETHNICITY: Beautiful      HEIGHT:  5’10”     EYES: Pecan Brown      HAIR: Black      

Interested In

Fashion / Swimwear, Print, Hair/Makeup, Parts Modeling, Promotional.


Contact Details

TEL: Do you want a business line?
EMAIL: do you want them to know
LOCATION: Atlanta,Georgia

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