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Oddusee Media Group is Paying It Foward

May 28, 2020, I read a post on Facebook about winning $100.00. Its a childhood friend name Dwayne Duncan. He said he will give the money away for whoever could answer the question he posted. He asked to show him a picture of unit one for his company. I was scrambling to find the picture. I noticed that not many people was responding quick as me . I knew I would find the answer soon because I follow and like his posts on Facebook . A few Pics later, I won ! Dwayne thanked me and told me to come pick up my money but I’m over 479 miles away. I sent him a message on Facebook and told him I was in Atlanta. He told me he would send it cashapp. 

The next day came and I get a message did you get the money? I checked the cashapp and it was 100.00 ! I was very pleased by this and I could not keep the Money. So with that being said, I will pay it forward in the most unique way possible that benefits all who will get involved. Oddusee Media Group is taking the winnings and giving it to all who sign up to Robinhood using the link provided. 

Its real simple. Just sign up and show me with the link in the green box. I will take the $100.00 Direct Towing gave me and give $10.00 to 10 people. But thats not all. You will get 10 dollars and a free stock. You can get a stock thats well over $100.00. Either way you win and I win because I get a free stock as well. I will post the link in the comments on Facebook or you can get it here and tag me on Facebook. You will get your money asap on cashapp. 

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